Dutch Fisherman of the North Sea

Fisherman is one of the oldest professions in the world. It is hard work in tough conditions with sometimes serious dangers involved. Still for most of these man it is in there blood and they don’t want anything else. When they stay to long on land the get land sick.

World wide overfishing is a big problem, also the Dutch fishing fleet is part of this discussion. All the news about them is negative and there quota and salary is shrinkin. I really wanted to see and hear their story by being part of it.

For this project I went with a crew of 6 fisherman including the captain for one week up to the North Sea. I wanted to capture their life together and the elements. Man and Nature on a Dutch fishing vessel.

They were fishing for the fish that lives on the sandy bottom. The North Sea is a shallow sea and was ones a tundra with Mammoets and Rhinos.

Fisherman of the north sea